Silver Restoration and Conservation

We have strong roots within the silversmith traditions of Glasgow dating back to 1497. Our skills, traditions and tools have been passed down to us from generations of Scottish apprentices and journeymen.

We specialise in the repair and restoration of modern and antique silverware. This can range from replating personal items of silver to the repair of antique church or military silver.

Scottish Silversmiths

With a keen interest in history, over the years we have restored many silver items now housed in private, public and military museums. In close relationship with Scottish establishments, we have created commissioned items in wood and silver such as the European Business Awards and the Nordoff-Robbins’ Golf and Music awards. Our own “Visions in Silver” collection is currently on display in our silversmith workshop in the Glasgow, Argyle Arcade. If you are interested in finding out more just get in touch.

Silversmith Scotland

Silversmith Scotland

Fully Accredited Silversmith Scotland

Morrison Ignatieff Silversmiths are fully acredited and qualified to retore items of historical and cultural significance. This includes military silver restoration and church sliver restoration as well as items from private collections. We work to an exacting standard using traitional silversmith skills and techniques passed through generations.

To find out more about our services you can get in touch with us direction by calling 0141 204 1083 or emailing – make sure you send a few images of any items requiring restoration.